Unstoppable thinking for unstoppable results!

  • You're ready to work ON your business in a way that feels really f*cking good, every damn day

  • There's some changes you've been wanting to make, or steps you've been wanting to take, that you've been avoiding.

  • You know you have it in your bones to make a big impact, but you're playing small and sabotaging yourself.

  • Your goals aren't inspiring and exciting you anymore, you keep playing it safe.

  • You want to start waking up totally PUMPED by what you have to offer the world, with your energy magnetising and drawing in your ideal clients.

  • You're driven to do big things, but you're unsure what to do to make it happen and succeed!

  • You want to cultivate the perfect balance of structure and flow so you feel ALIVE in your biz AND your life.

You can expect:


My name's Em Gee and I'm here to help you see,


That whatever you want to be, you can ABSOLUTELY be.


You know you were meant for more,


And you can't get there by thinking how you thought before,


So get out of your comfort zone!


But you know that you don't have to do it on your own...


If you join UNSTOPPABLE!


Working with Em Gee:


  • Module One

    Unstoppable OWNERSHIP


    Life happens FOR you, not TO you. What if you could be totally UNTRIGGERED and take full responsibility for everything happening in your biz? How would you show up differently?


    Why you need this in your biz: You are human, events will trigger you, but you don’t need it to stop your momentum. Grow and expand despite external factors. Yes, there is a lot of uncertainty at the moment. But what if you are CERTAIN of what YOU can control, and take that by the reigns?

  • Module Two

    Unstoppable Ideas & Actions


    How to THINK BIG. Know what ideas to launch into vs what ones to ditch. How to create opportunities and take MASSIVE action.


    Why you need this in your biz: To stand out from the crowd! Think outside of the box and always have solutions. Whether in social media or when creating a new package...success requires ideas & action – time to get the fuck out of your own way.

  • Module Three

    Unstoppable VISION


    Create a vision that excites you and leads all your decisions. Know your vision aligns fully with your values, and lights you up when you think of the legacy you will leave behind.


    Why you need this in your biz: With an unstoppable vision you will be more confident in your direction AND a no-BS approach to decision making. No more wasting time on tasks that don't get you momentum.

  • Module Four

    Unstoppable GOALS


    Energetically align your beliefs, thoughts, emotions and actions to your goals. Follow my full energetic process that magnetises you to your income goals, launch goals, donut goals. Any goal is possible with the unstoppable method!


    Why you need this in your biz: To get momentum and create big success! Reach your monthly income goals without knowing HOW yet! Launch that program in record time!

  • Module Five

  • Module Six

    Unstoppable Money Mindset


    Re-write your money stories and open up more opportunity for money flow. Understand and practice money manifestation.


    Why you need this in your biz: If you have unhelpful money stories/conditioning, it will be impacting how you show up in your biz. Pricing your services. Making the sale. Re-write these energetically and you will open up for MORE money to flow into your biz.

  • Module Seven

    Unstoppable FAILURES


    Be the most successful failure by being an unstoppable failure. Practice the process of embracing failures as feedback, and using that feedback to FUEL the fire of your rocket ship momentum!


    Why you need this in your biz: Your biz will BOOM more if you embrace the learnings from failures. Less down time feeling shit about it. More insane growth from the lessons.

  • Module Eight

    Unstoppable Planning


    Disaster proof your business by knowing how, what and when you are going to do ALL the things. Less stress about how you'll pay the bills next month, more strategic knowing exactly where to put your energy.


    Why you need this in your biz: 90 day plans, social media plans, reflection and learning are a key component to any business growth! 


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